Shanghai Pudong, Eastern Banks of the Huangpu river, China

Shanghai Pudong, China

Eastern Banks of the Huangpu river

The project redesigns a 500-meter section of the Huangpu banks, on the Puddon side in Shanghai over 7.4 ha. It is part of the vast reconfiguring of 21 kms of old industrial docks and the creation of pedestrian, sports friendly and cyclable public spaces and parks open towards the river.

In the heart of the city, this project aims to foster a way of life on the border of the river that has so far been either barely developed or overly industrialized; it aims to give this world-metropolis space a strong visibility and identity, by igniting various permanents uses along the entire length of the bank. With that in mind, the project redefines the bank as a living interface between city quarters and the river, a new thickness that links together soft modes, ecology, public spaces, activities and the economy.

The organization and the light are conceived in line with this linear continuity (21 beacons implanted every kilometer).

These totems reveal the energy of the city of Shanghai and the activity of its inhabitants at night. They offer a breathtaking view on the river, and their architecture allows for their visibility from far away. They vary in intensity and in color, following the rhythm and speed of the river current.

The luminous atmosphere hereby expresses the new ways of city living that our societies create, where the search for new spaces merging togetherness, exchanges and digital technology is a perpetual need.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead Landscape Architecture Agence TER, Architecture JFA Architectes
Contracting owner: City of Shanghai
Completion: 2018 and 2019

Photo credit TER, Concepto