International Congress of the Nature “Les Rendez-vous étoilés”

Round-table and lecture on “Lighting pollution”.

“XPO, Exhibition Designer Federation (Fédération des Concepteurs d’Exposition)”.

Professional Days of the Culture Ministry “What Future for Exhibitions”.

“Rethinking exhibition lighting: new tools and new stakes” Lecture

“The future of urban lighting “.

“The stories light can tell: Light and Built heritage”.

ARMIR Symposium.

“Evolution of the notion of light quality” Lecture.

PLDC “And the 2028 winner for the Best Lighting Design is …. an AI solution”.

Dark Room @ London Light Fair “Designing dark infrastructures in urban lighting masterplans”.

“The AS Wedesndays” at Architecture Studio

“Dark Infrastructures and Lighting Design” Lecture.

Onlylight Fare.

“What do lighting designers dream of?” and “Lighting design in retail spaces” Lectures.

Materials and Light

“How to create night time atmospheres according to the landscape design stance” Lecture

SBS Annual conference “How can SMEs and standards contribute to the sustainable development goals?”

Lighting Days Fare.

“Light in contemporary art” Lecture.

“Art and the Fourth dimension ”

“Urban lighting and the Fourth dimension” Lecture.

l’ACEtylène, “Contest and converse around lighting projects”.

“The green belt of the city of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, China”.

“Light EDU 2018”.

“Lighting strategies” Lecture.

Wismar University.

“Lighting strategies, new trends in urban lighting” Lecture.

“City lights” festival Light+Building

“Lighting strategies for large urban territories ” Lecture

Aalborg University.

“Lighting Master Plans, new trends in urban lighting” Lecture.

Roskilde University “Social Lighting Design”.

“New lighting strategies for nocturnal urbanity” Lecture.

The ‘Moniteur’ magazine Expert Meetings Webinar.

Presentation of the collective publication “Lighting design: Approaching the context, challenges and actors”

Professional lighting Design Conferences (PLDC)

“2053, The future of cities’ nights” Lecture.

“Architectural lighting 2.0, the reinvention of heritage lighting through new technologies” Lecture

Light Cafe (Café lumière) of the Light & Society Association, Paris, France.

“Light and Urbanism, 2053, the potential futures of urban light” Lecture.


Lecture “Alone we go faster, together we go stronger”.

ITMO University  “Lighting Design Event”.

“Nocturnal identities” Lecture.

“Planning the night. Which future to stage our cities?” Lecture


“Conversation with Oscar around light in architecture” Lecture.

SFACS Association

“Luminous atmospheres, urban light, nocturnal urbanity” Lecture.

Light Cluster / Onlylight 2017

“Light pollution” Lecture.

International Architecture University of Venise, IUAV.

“Urban lighting’s evolutions” Lecture.

ITMO University “Lighting Design Event”.

“Lighting identities through worldwide urban nights environments” Lecture.

Wismar University.

“Evolutions and trends in lighting master planning” Lecture.

IALD Enlighten Europe 2016

“Manifesto of lighting Designers for sustainable lighting projects” Lecture

ITMO University, “Lighting Design Event”

“Urban lights, nocturnal urbanity” Lecture

SFACS Association

“Luminous Atmospheres, urban light, nocturnal temporalities” Lecture


“Light Material / What is Light in Architecture?” Lecture

ITMO University “Creative Lighting Design Master”

“Urban lighting’s evolutions” Lecture


“Light conversation with Mark Major” Lecture

“City lights” festival Light+Building

“City lighting: a tool for urban planning” Lecture

Landscape architects congress in Jyvaskyla

“Lighting the landscape” Lecture

The Jacques Cartier Interviews

“Taking stock of urban light in France” Lecture

French Landscape Union and Philips

“The nocturnal dimension of the landscape: a dialogue between landscape and lighting designers” Lecture

Citéos Lighting Design Club

“Lighting Design” Lecture

Light Cluster

“Measuring tool of the environmental relevance of a lighting masterplan”. Lecture

LUCI / Lighting Designers Without Borders ”

“Social Light” Lecture.