CONCEPTO has been practicing lighting design in France and around the world for more than 30 years.

The studio Works in planning and construction to foster the use of space at night and properly deal with night time, which represents 50% of our yearly time. Concepto designs light-urbanism projects, nocturnal landscapes, urban, architectural and heritage site lighting.

The development of large scale lighting schemes is a key savoir-faire of the company. Concepto also skillfully practices in interior lighting design.

The company is based on a team of eleven, with multiple backgrounds that combine complementarities, sensitivity and uniqueness.

CONCEPTO’s spirit is to look toward the future and tackle societal issues.


The heart and soul of Concepto lies in realizing innovative lighting designs that tackle societal issues.

Because urban planning projects should also be conceived for night-time, since early on in the late 80’s, Concepto has been a pioneer in the fields of urban lighting and nocturnal landscapes. In the 90’s, the company developed many Lighting Masterplans, always at the forefront of innovation, inclusive of local populations in project development, pointing to over-lighting as an issue and pushing its reflection on NIGHT-TIME, up to the development starting in the 2010’s of a Dark Infrastructure methodology, which supplements green and blue infrastructures.

The company committed in 2015 to reducing climate change, and signed the Manifeste of Lighting Designers for Sustainable Lighting Projects (ACE, Association des Concepteurs Lumière et Eclairagistes).

Download the Manifeste

Concepto is moving forward with this commitment of reconciling light and darkness, and intends to become a reference company when it comes to light ecology.

As of now, the company keeps a keen eye on the quality of its projects, and has honed the balance between expertise and curiosity in its practice, with long-time, enthusiastic, young, creative and forward-thinking partners. The team strongly values professional ethics, everyone’s talents are valued, and so are sharing and collective smarts.


As of today, CONCEPTO is proud of having initiated and contributed to the development of multiple lighting design strategies, such as:

  • integrating the lighting component in multiple urban projects
  • accounting for the night-time dimension of large scale landscapes and territories
  • foreshadowing urban mutations
  • staging city centers
  • night-time mobility policies
  • defining nocturnal identity
  • valuing local cultural customs
  • locals’ participation in the choice of their night-time environment
  • developing DARK INFRASTRUCTURES for its lighting design strategy

Concepto uses light as a material of creation in its own right.
The company is also a daylighting expert in interiors and models the daylight factor to dimension its projects.






* Illustration : Monaco Lighting Charte done by Concepto
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