Our Wishes for 2024

Carte de vœux CONCEPTO 2024

Happy frugality for 2024 – Wishes from CONCEPTO studio

Happy frugality for 2024

The entire CONCEPTO team wishes you a happy and exciting 2024! Our delivery schedule is full, and we’re looking forward to finalising the following lighting projects in the near future :

  • In February, the public spaces of the Village des Athlètes urban development zone in Saint Ouen and Saint Denis, with the lighting of the ramp leading down to the banks of the Seine (project owner: Solidéo, project managers: Egis, TER, Urban Eco, 5.5, Ingérop) ;
  • In March, the public spaces at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris, with colourful projections and video works created by young artists under the engineering structures of the A1 motorway (contracting authority: Ville de Paris, Direction de l’aménagement, project managers: Arcadis, Richez_Associés, Emma Blanc and Franck Boutté Consultants) ;
  • And the lighting of the town hall garden in La Roche Sur Yon, with frugal lighting to cross the post office block (contracting authority: SYDEV, project managers: Péna Paysage, BERIM) ;
  • In April, the “iconic” folly of High Garden in Rueil-Malmaison, with the illumination of a cloud above which a bar serves as a belvedere for the new Arsenal district (project manager: Pitch Promotion, project managers: Hamonic + Masson, Bécardmap) ;
  • And the SNCF footbridge at Quimper station’s multimodal hub, with integrated lighting for comfortable access to the tracks (project owner Quimper Bretagne Occidentale, project managers: TER, Ney&partners, Arcadis) ;
  • In May, the permanent exhibition of the treasures of Chartres Cathedral in the Saint-Piat chapel, with the museographic illumination of the statuary presented in an original way (project manager: DRAC Val de Loire, project managers: BGC Studio, Bastien Morin, G2i and De Pontaud) ;
  • In June, the 3 footbridges crossing the Canal Saint Denis to celebrate the 2024 Olympic Games, with the implementation of the enhancement of passages under structures following the SDAL carried out by CONCEPTO in 2023 (project manager: Plaine Commune) ;
  • And the “MIN de Rien” public spaces on the Ile de Nantes in Nantes, with the creation of local night-time atmospheres (SAMOA, Agence Osty et associés, MAGEO) ;
  • In July, the maintenance centre for Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express at Champigny-sur-Marne, with the illumination of the ceramic building that is just coming off the ground (contracting authority: SGP, project managers: Egis, Richez_Associés) ;
  • In August, the public spaces in the Aurore district of La Défense, with the continuation of the inclusive lighting schemes created throughout the Corolles-Reflets-Iris district (project owner: Paris La Défense, project managers: Urbanica, SLG Paysage) ;
  • In September, the Rue Saint Honoré town house in Paris, transformed by Architecture Studio into an auction room for an auctioneer (Owner: YAFIT, Contracting authority: Architecture Studio, BET Choulet) ;
  • And the public spaces of the Union district in the Tossé sector of Roubaix, with the continued rehabilitation of this 80-hectare industrial wasteland (contracting authority: SEM Ville renouvelée, project managers: OBRAS, MAGEO) ;
  • In October, the demonstrator section of the Le Grand Chemin pedestrian route in Les Lilas, with an inclusive approach to lighting that respects the living environment (contracting authority: Est Ensemble, project managers: TER, Cabinet Merlin, Cuesta, Equal Saree, ATM, Remix, Hekladonia, CITEC) ;
  • In November, the illumination of the Sytcom plant at Ivry-sur-Seine, with a lighting signature that takes advantage of the building’s functional lighting (contracting authority: Syctom and Fayat, project manager: AiA architecture) ;
  • In December, the 1st section of the Geneva Saint Julien tramway (on the Swiss side), with a subtle lighting scheme that respects the black grid (contracting authority: Communauté de communes du Genevois, project management: Liens consortium, BURO+BRAA, XSD Ingénierie).

We will not forget the climate emergency and we resolve to ACT with courage and determination on the scale of each of our projects:

By taking a more in-depth look at frugal lighting while still creating the right atmosphere,
By continuing to innovate as part of our dark screen studies to protect living things,
By systematically proposing alternatives to materials with high carbon emissions,
By offering our clients ways of consuming less energy by lighting differently, without reducing the quality of the ambience.

Finally, we are committed to carrying on and developing the spirit of CONCEPTO, an agency founded 36 years ago by Roger Narboni and now taken over by Sara Castagné.
CONCEPTO will reinvent itself with continuity to continue its luminous path!