Chengdu, Jing Cheng Greenway, China

Chengdu, Jing Cheng Greenway, China

Dark infrastructure and Lighting Plan of the 125-km long green belt

In the city of Chengdu, the future ‘green belt’ will spread over 125 kms along the 4th beltway. Through the Lighting Masterplan studies for this territory, Concepto set up a Dark Infrastructure to preserve nocturnal biodiversity and limit light pollution.

The concept of the Lighting Masterplan had to integrate the relationships between the second and third beltways, which would become the future ‘Green Road’ of the city. We imagined nocturnal beacons (service, tourism, cultural and leisure-centered pavilions) that would mark access points and main entries into this green road, and would create a luminous punctuation guiding inhabitants and visitors. The objective was also to preserve existing darkness and work on the transitions between darkness zones and zones that are active at night.

Moreover, in order to preserve nighttime animal life, for the nighttime landscape scenes we suggested light tones that would be appropriate depending on the light sensitivity of the species of the area, as well as a progressive lighting controls system that would allow adapting luminosity to real and immediate uses.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Sichuan Architecture Design Institute – SADI
Contracting owner: City of Chengdu (14.43 million inhabitants)
Study: 2017

Photo credit: Concepto