Dujiangyang, Nocturnal landscape of inner rivers, Sichuan, China

Dujiangyang, Nocturnal landscape of inner rivers, Sichuan, China

The main challenge in the Dujiangyan Lighting Masterplan was to support the rebirth of the city and the development of tourism after the tragic earthquake of 2008 that destroyed most of the city. This assessment was also created in order to reveal at night the beauty of various landscapes located along the Minjiang river and mainland canals (an amazing human construction aged 2,500 years old). It allowed highlighting the majesty (5 kms in length) and the morphology of this unique aquatic landscape, designated as UNESCO world heritage site in 2000.

The overall lighting design concept was inspired by the Taoist atmosphere and symbolism still very prevalent in the Dujiangyan region. The harmonious relationship between human being and Nature, the nighttime integration of Taoist temples and pagodas in the natural environment guided lighting choices. Gold and Jade (materials that symbolize Taoist immortality) were selected as the unique colors in the project.

The world-renowned opposition between light and dark associated with Taoist symbolism were also of great importance in the proposed Lighting Masterplan.


Lighting Design: Concepto
Project Management: ZHONGTAI Lighting Group
Contracting Owner : City of Dujiangyan (800,000 inhabitants)
Completion: 2011

Photo credit: Concepto