Geneva, Halte Champel, Switzerland

Geneva, Halte Champel, Switzerland

As part of the CEVA transportation line construction work, in the Geneva canton, the Champel plaza underwent large restructuring work, aiming to create a new hilly, green landscape as backdrop to the station. Now become the Champel Stop, this urban plaza, formerly very function- and circulation- focused, is now a 18,000 m², 135-trees urban forest (of oaks and green oaks). It is a stop on the green path going through Geneva, which connects 12 towns over 22 km.

The lighting design project responds to many nocturnal uses (electric bus, cars, pedestrians). It aims to ‘un-urbanize’ and transport the pedestrian elsewhere. The goal is to create a human scale, unexpected, welcoming light atmosphere that echoes the nighttime lakefront panorama and shakes up any urban perception. The many 2-watt lamps and the wooden poles go along with the dense vegetation and the topographic variations. Light levels are voluntarily limited to reduce power consumption; the same lamp as the one used for the famous Rade Garland is used, with added dimming capability to adjust light levels and lower power in the heart of the night.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead architecture BUREAU A, Technical consulting JUNDT/RGR/SOLFOR
Contracting owner: City of Geneva, Urban Planning and Mobility Office
Completion: 2020

Photo credit: Concepto