Gulf of Corinth, Rion Antirion Bridge, Greece

Gulf of Corinth, Rion Antirion Bridge, Greece

The construction of this 2.2 km long bridge, located on a tectonic rift that keeps expanding of 8 mm a year, and connecting the Peloponnese peninsula to the continent, was realized for the Athens Olympic games of 2004, at which point the bridge was the longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe.

Night is falling on the Gulf of Corinth. The bridge that connects the peninsula to the continent slowly morphs.

It is nothing but a thin golden thread, delicately woven through four tall blueish needles, a tight thread between two fragmented coastlines, a thread suspended between sky and sea. The deep dark of the water offers itself as a backdrop and mirror for the icon that has been created. It unites the starry sky and the dark sea. It is in this spirit that the lighting design of this monumental piece was thought through, whose construction started in 1999, to compose a true nocturnal landscape that could match this majestic site.

The four pylons each support 580 meters of the deck and measure 110 meters high. They are illuminated through an intense, blueish indirect light that grazes them from the deck and is visible from quite far.

The piles of the bridge and the sea are left in the dark to become a backdrop of the light reflections that are created. Inaugurated with the Olympic torch relay of the Athens games of 2004, the lighting design of the bridge now marks the nocturnal landscape of the Corinthian Gulf.

This project received the IALD Award of Merite for Architectural lighting in 2005.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Architecture Berdj Mikaelian / Construction and Technical Consulting Vinci
Contracting owner: Gefyra
Completion: 2004

Photo credit: Cyrille Dupont & Concepto