Jerusalem, Old Town Lighting Masterplan, Israel

Jerusalem, Lighting Masterplan, Israel

Old Town Lighting Masterplan and planning of the Jaffa Gate

Israeli authorities in charge of Jerusalem’s development decided in 2010 on a Lighting Masterplan for the old town and its vicinity, in order to promote the cultural and touristic development of this pilgrimage town at night (40,000 inhabitants).

Since the dawn of time, the fortified town of Jerusalem has been built, moved and developed according to water supply availability. Its long history, famous throughout the world, can always be seen and understood today in light of the manmade landscape that surrounds the town.

The goals of the plan were to define the role of the fortified wall in the future nighttime image and silhouette of old town, to imagine the greater landscape at nighttime, the luminous atmospheres of the streets as well as the architectural lighting of the main monuments, both in an outside of the fortified town.

The plan included a lighting strategy for the six teams of architects in charge of the studies for the renovation of public spaces in Old Town. In this context, we supported the planning of the Jaffa Gate and the Omar Ibn El-Khattab plaza that it leads to, which make up the main Western entrance to Jerusalem’s Old Town, overlooked by the minaret and the many towers of David’s citadel.

Warm white light created attractive nighttime atmospheres in this renewed space. It structured nocturnal views from the plaza, revealing the monumental nature of the citadel’s walls, highlighting architectural details and the specificities of the main facades surrounding the plaza


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Ariel Municipality / Architect for the Planning of the Jaffa Gaï Igra Gate
Contracting owner: Jerusalem Development Authority
Completion: masterplan 2012 / Jaffa’s Door 2012

Photo credit: Concepto