Rennes, Lumi-R Concept, France

Rennes, Lumi-R Concept, France

Illuminations 2.0

As part of the 2012 to 2014 Lighting Masterplan and Dark Infrastructure of the Rennes city area, and to promote ambitious energy consumption goals related to public lighting, Concepto imagined and developed an innovative concept, ‘Illuminations 2.0’.

A mix of real, virtual illuminations as well as an app, the LUMI-R project is multi-dimensional, mixing imagination, immersion though an augmented virtual reality, and finally reality up to ‘augmented reality’ that manifests through punctual interactive proposals. Similar to a treasure hunt, real and virtual illuminations are sprinkled throughout the center of Rennes, around dynamic nighttime places in the city center called nocturnal ‘bari-centers’.

The project was awarded the 2018 ACEtylène Prize in the light and heritage category.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead lighting designer Concepto, La fabrique d’étincelles, My orphes and e-mage-in 3D
Contracting owner: City of Rennes
Completion: 2017

Photo credit: Concepto