Bruay sur l’Escaut, luminous graffiti and church illumination, France

Bruay sur l’Escaut, France

Luminous graffiti and church illumination

In the context of the energy performance contract launched in 2018 (6,7 km² and 11,500 inhabitants)

The approach relied on the strong involvement of young Bruaysians in creating various lighting designs, through the organization of a drawing contest that aimed to illustrate how children of Bruay saw the future. The winning drawings were turned into luminous graffiti and projected at the city entrances.

Energy savings from the revamping of public lighting enabled ten illuminations on landmark buildings, which are visible from the main traffic lane that cuts through the city, including the two major churches that bear witness to the history of Bruay.

The rule for these churches was to use as little material as possible and limit consumption to a maximum of 300 W. The Saint-Adolphe church is illuminated with nuances of color, in order to enliven its relatively austere brick facade at night, allowing for a comfortable use of its public space on its forecourt. As for Sainte-Pharaïlde, lighting evokes the history of this Saint who created a water source in Bruay to quench peasants’ thirst in the Middle Ages during a drought.


Lighting masterplan and Lighting design of 10 sites: Concepto
Project management and construction : Eiffage Energie Systèmes-Infra Nord
Contracting owner : City of Bruay sur l’Escaut
Completion: 2019
Photo credit : Concepto