Lecture “The night role of urban furniture” in Shanghai – 29th october 2021

Présentation de Roger Narboni à la conférence de Shanghai

A CONCEPTO’s lecture in Shanghai International Urban Furniture Summit Forum

Roger Narboni, lighting designer, CONCEPTO

On October 29, 2021, the Urban Furniture Committee of China Standardization Association has host the “2021 Shanghai International Urban Furniture Summit Forum” during the “World City Day” in Shanghai.

In this frame, on October 30th, a lecture by the mean of a video recording, was made by Roger Narboni from CONCEPTO studio about “The night role of urban furniture”.

The lecture explained that the public space at night needs nowadays to be people oriented. So, the urban furniture should integrate lightings to be able to recreate a cosy and welcoming interior image in the outdoor public space.

Initially, the lighting designer was only positioning a pedestrian lighting pole, more or less decorative, near a bench, thus changing the nocturnal image of the small demarcated space.

But gradually, a real form of living room, more complex and structured, is thought by the lighting designers and set up in some large public spaces to accommodate passers-by or allow them a break in their daytime and nocturnal journey.

The light is now used to signal this reception space at night and to transform its night image into a break with the surrounding public lighting (through the use of light effects and lighting types or different colours).

More recently, modular and three-dimensional dedicated structures have been designed to serve as both a lighting or lighting effects support, but also a day and night climate shelter, complemented by a whole range of possible functions and services: charging smart phone and laptop, speaker to play music, allowing passers-by to change the light mood, etc.

This next generation of luminous lounges also allow us to create virtual volumes of light and delineate a night space and a light atmosphere localized in three-dimensions. They are the beginnings of luminous, more complex, connected, and interactive spaces that are set to develop in the city of tomorrow.

CONCEPTO lecture was really appreciated with nearly 200 live viewers and more than 10.000 online viewers attended the forum at the same time.