Monaco, Lighting Masterplan

Monaco, Lighting Masterplan

The Monaco Principality wished to “create a Lighting Masterplan of the buildings and public lighting (…) in order to use it as a guiding and coordination tool, and therefore reach an aesthetic and harmonious lighting design of the city” (Extract from Technical Specifications).

The goal of the Principality was to set up a lighting design charter for buildings and public lighting, to lead public and private work with a set of technical and aesthetic prescriptions.

After conducting a diagnosis of existing lighting and analyzing lighting needs for buildings and public lighting, we created a work method and a building nomenclature based on their category and sector, in order to propose lighting prescriptions fitted to the morphology, landscape, nocturnal silhouette and dynamics of the Principality. The work also entailed accounting for nocturnal biodiversity that required preservation.

In order to help raise public awareness, we created a pedagogical brochure for private entities to better explain the philosophy and prescriptions of the Lighting Charter of the Principality.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Principality of Monaco / 37,550 inhabitants
Completion: 2017

Photo credit: Concepto / Charter graphic designer Vincent Devillard