Marseille, MUCEM permanent exhibition, France

Marseille, MUCEM permanent exhibition, France

The ‘connectivity’ exhibit occupies the Mediterranean gallery on the ground floor of the MUCEM museum, and will for several years. The curators of this 1,200 m² exhibition intend to have the ‘16th and 17th century Mediterranean cities enter in a dialogue with today’s megalopolis and metropolis’.

The exhibition showcases more than 350 pieces and documents, and takes place through a double circulation, which features a historical path and a contemporary path. The challenge was to reconcile caring for the pieces with showcasing them in optimal lighting conditions that would be comfortable for the visitor. The project intends to transport the visitor through atmospheres related to the various themes they will encounter along their path, while letting the pieces speak in their own light.

Technical lighting strategies are designed to respond to any natural light condition inside the hall. The presence of daylight in the evening with a very low sun in Winter is hard to control; therefore the cyma moldings that surround the contemporary portion of the exhibit come in to cut through sunrays. Artificial lighting takes advantage of the existing fixtures of the museum located between the ceiling and beams, and has been supplemented with lighting integrated in displays and cove lighting.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead Architecture BGCstudio, Signage AKR Graphisme
Contracting owner: Mucem
Completion: 2017

Photo credit: Mucem