Lille, Beauregard Block and Grand’Place, France

Lille, Beauregard Block and Grand’Place, France

The lighting design project of the Beauregard area includes the renovation of the public lighting of the Charles de Gaulle plaza, the theater plaza, a portion of the Rihour plaza, as well as a permanent illumination of the built heritage surrounding these plazas, including the Old Trading Stock Exchange, the Opera and the Lille Theater.

The facades around the plazas are delicately up-lit from moldings, through a golden-white light that allows visually delineating the central space and frees up the ground. The roofs of the Stock Exchange and Beauregard blocks take on a blue tint which highlights their presence and reveals the architecture like a décor.

The project was technically adapted to RGBW LEDs during its conception in order to respond to the city’s request: creating static and dynamic color scenarios to accompany events throughout the year.
The project orchestrates more than 800 light fixtures piloted though two DMX universes.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Engie & Citeos
Contracting owner: City of Lille
Completion: 2020

Photo credit: Concepto