Pengzhou, Jianjiang Valley, Sichuan, China

Pengzhou, Jianjiang Valley, Sichuan, China

The Septentrional Project, Lighting Plan

The Septentrional Project connects seven cities along the river in the Jiangjiang valley. Light pollution seriously impacts fauna and flora at night. That is why a lighting design strategy that would minimize its impact on the environment was developed as part of a contest study.

Each city has specificities that get revealed through light. Diverse nighttime atmospheres are created along the river, following the progressive change in the landscape between urban architecture and rural areas. Bridges, temples, industrial infrastructures and shelters are illuminated so that they can be seen from the top of the valley. Light creates beacons within a wild, nocturnal landscape.

These two principles can be refined based on the different uses witnessed on site.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead landscape design Agence TER, Architecture INCA
Contracting owner: City of Pengzhou
Contest won in 2018, ongoing study

Photo credit: Concepto