Paris 19th district, ‘Place des Fêtes’, France

Paris 19th district, ‘Place des Fêtes’, France

This lighting design is part of an Energy Performance Tender for the City of Paris, 2013-2021 contract. It belongs to a group of 17 LIGHT MAP illuminations, and is part of the new Parisian lighting design strategy, which favors neighborhood equipment and plazas.

This illumination allows creating a faraway view of the building from the urban environment and a welcoming luminous atmosphere greeting locals. The structure of the facade of the community center, which overlooks the ‘Place des Fêtes’, becomes the basis for a light composition, between materials and plays of light, with accents on entries to the center.

Curved lines of colored light seem to climb on the building, gripping pieces of the facade. Luminous motifs and colored light beams superimpose and react differently depending on the white or grey surfaces on which they are projected. On the forecourt and at entrances, luminous projections with multicolored motifs enliven the ground, with colors complementary to the facade.

The entire illumination uses less than 1kW of power. It works according to the opening hours of the junior high school and self regulates through an astronomical time clock.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: EVESA, Architecture Biecher architectes
Contracting owner: City of Paris
Completion: 2019

Photo credit: Concepto