Hangzhou, Qian Tang River, China

Hangzhou, Qian Tang River, China

Lighting Masterplan and Dark Infrastructure

The lighting plan of the Qian Tang River in Hangzhou – a 235-km long river flowing in the heart of a high density urban area, which slowly gives way to a greener landscape – is part of both a fluvial landscape development strategy and a push for biodiversity protection. The study of a dark infrastructure for this territory gave the opportunity to balance the lighting with a clear / dark concept, creating a framework of darkness between the different cities. Through a holistic approach of this vast area, preserving sensitive areas, floodplains and areas of ecological interest was the key concern.

Inspired by the Yuan dynasty paintings of Chinese landscapes, specifically Huan Gongwang’s work, light reveals and sublimates the landscape through touches of color. Each illuminated territory has its unique colored atmosphere, which varies according to the topography, relief or the type of uses of the different places along the river, so that the lighting be as integrated as possible in this unique environment. Various infrastructures punctuate the river, such as promenades, public spaces or spurs, which are enhanced with light.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: ZHONGTAI Lighting Group/ Winlux
Contracting owner: Qian Tang River Development Society of Zhejiang
Study: 2018-2019

Photo credit: Concepto