DaNang, Bana Hills, French village, Vietnam

DaNang, Bana Hills, French Village, Vietnam

The French Village, a theatrical nighttime journey through the streets

The Ba Na Hill mountain resort is located 30 kilometers away from the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, on a mountain up 1,500m high visible from the coastal plain. It is home to a large amusement park that can only be accessed through several cable cars. In this tropical region where night falls almost every day at 6pm, architectural and skyline lighting and luminous atmospheres are key to attract and welcome visitors. The landlord of the site tasked Concepto with realizing a lighting masterplan, as well as managing the lighting of several areas of the park.

Coming out of the main cable car station tunnel, the visitor discovers at night (starting at 6pm) a large plaza, its surrounding facades glowing with warm light, which leads to the main hotels and small streets of the site.

In the streets, the architectures of different eras are highlighted through golden light. Each lighting feature augments the style, texture and material of the buildings. Architectural details are also randomly illuminated to punctuate promenades (arch, window, balcony, sculpted door, fountain, pavilion, statues).

All the streets of the French Village are treated with custom lanterns created specifically for the site.

Their luminous body creates colored projections on supporting walls, which punctuate the night path.


Lighting design: CONCEPTO
Project management: SUN GROUP
Contracting owner: SUN GROUP
Studies: 2017 / 2018 – Completion: 2019

Photo credit: Concepto/ video NGUYEN DUC ANH for Sun Group