Carrière sur Seine, S.I.T.R.U incineration plant, France

Carrière sur Seine, S.I.T.R.U incineration plant, France

The project is part of the facade renovation of the ‘Seine Loop’ domestic garbage incineration plant.

The nocturnal project creates a unique perception of the facades, relying on the glass material that wraps the main volumes of the building (6000 m²).

A graphic, dynamic image covers the glass architecture with a curtain of ‘rain’, echoing the ‘fire’ present inside the incineration furnaces. The light used belongs to the water and wind vocabulary: with a blue-green hue, it ‘cools’ and ‘calms’ the energy inside the building.

311 vertical luminous dashes form a homogeneous composition and come to life thanks to dynamic programming that varies their light intensity. Scenarios suggesting a mist from France’s Brittany or a torrential rain from the rainforest, alternating speed and softness, unfold throughout the night. The resulting nocturnal landscape takes on a unique meaning, that is visible from all directions.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Architecture QUIROT & VICHARD – Technical consulting: A.I.C. INGÉNIERIE
Contracting owner: Inter-city Federation for the Treatment of the ‘Seine Loop’ Urban Garbage (Syndicat Intercommunal pour le Traitement de Résidus Urbains de la Boucle de la Seine, S.I.T.R.U)
Completion: 2007

Photo credit: Concepto