Caen, Place of Republique, France

Caen, Place of Republique, France

In the context of the planning of ‘Place de la République’ and its vincinity (21,325 m²)

To improve night-time togetherness of the ‘Place de la République’, the lighting design aims to inhabit the central space of the plaza with shadow, in order to better orchestrate colored light at the periphery.

The lighting design relies on and reinforces the regimented nature of this historical royal plaza as well as the geometrical assembly of the ground achieved by the landscape designer. It showcases tall, ten-meter high poles, that follow the alignment of the trees that surround the plaza, allowing for functional lighting of the streets combined with a light scenography on the plaza. The entire lighting is time-based, with a succession of different atmospheres depending on the uses of the week, the seasons and the hours of the night. Dynamic lighting scenarios that can be re-programmed also support events and celebrations. The project uses LEDs, 50% of them dynamic RGBW.


Public space Lighting Design : Concepto
Project management: Landscape design ATTICA, Technical consulting OGI, Consultation RESPUBLICA
Contracting owner: CU Caen La Mer
Completion: 2019

Photo credit: Concepto

Video : Lighting test during colored scenarii settings