Luminous Thread for the Jingzhang Railway Park, China

A luminous thread through time and space.

International consultation on conceptual landscape design Beijing Jingzhang railway with Agence TER. Competition won for the masterplan and the node 3.

Beijing’s Jingzhang Railway Park, will be able to create an inspiring journey through time and space during the day as well during the night. The innovative infrastructure system is reminiscent of the historical achievements of the 1909 railway project, and will bring parts of the city together for the first time. The lighting proposition takes the entirety of the system into consideration, creating a coherent design along the 9 kilometres, managing to highlight the urban characteristics of the areas adjacent and create a consistent system from north to south at the same time for the city of Beijing.

Masterplan du parc Jingzhang de nuitMasterplan du parc Jingzhang de jour
Bird-view du parc Jingzhang
©Concepto-Noémie RIOU
Infographie places de jourInfographie places éclairées de nuit
Places de nuit, infographie

Image credit: TER / Concepto, infography Tobias LARSEN and Noémie RIOU