« The future of cities’ nights » + « The Lighting Master Plan and dark infrastructure of the basin of Qiantang River in Zhejiang (China) »

LUCI Annual General Meeting 2022

It’s likely that lighting in our cities will decrease and be more adaptable in the coming years: how does this impact the quality of night and how can we ensure that our nights remain safe, inclusive, creative? Roger Narboni gives his point of view after Miguel Sangalang and before Kaoru Mende.

Roger Narboni presents what inspired the creation of the lighting masterplan of the Qiantang River.
Lien : https://www.luciassociation.org/luci-agm-busan-2022-programme/

Organisateur : LUCI Association

Billet d'annonce pour le rendez-vous « The future of cities' nights » lors du LUCI Annual General Meeting