Vincennes, City Heart, France

Vincennes, City Heart, France

The project is part of the revitalization of the city center, over 7 ha of public spaces with a firm re-naturalization of urban atmospheres.

Warm white light gives back color to nighttime life, and reveals the spark of the light stone ground, which now overlays the streets.

The lighting design project consists in:

  • Giving back a compelling nighttime identity to the streets that have mostly become pedestrian.
  • Creating diverse and attractive atmospheres, relying on alternating accents on architectural heritage, new green areas and major perspectives,
  • Composing nocturnal sequences in line with projected uses, by offering a softer, cozier light to scale with pedestrians.
    Reassuring and securing circulation with reasonable light levels.

This lighting has been designed with a firm environmental take, and a desire not to increase light pollution: lanterns have very effective louvers, light sources are efficient and equipped with an 8-hour bi-power, differential on-off system in order to reduce energy consumption by 40% in the heart of the night.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead Urbanism Landscape Design Althabegoity & Bayle, Landscape design PENA & PENA, Consulting OGI
Contracting owner: City of Vincennes
Completion: from 2012 to 2020

Photo credit: Concepto