Poitiers, Multimodal Hub, France

Poitiers, Multimodal Hub, France

The multimodal hub is adjacent to the Poitiers TGV train station. It is built above the bus station and includes a silo-shaped parking lot, made of 4 levels and a rooftop.

The design of the South facade consists in leaving the light of interior spaces come through: the long interior public drive and the urban windows scattered on its way, as well as the two-way circular ramp located on each of the five floors of the parking lot that creates a colored spine.

This lighting, visible from outside the parking lot, is rigorously set up in order to create pleasant, aesthetic diurnal and nocturnal images of the building through plays of transparency.

The urban windows punctuating the facade, where the escalator can be seen here and there, are framed through a linear, tubular apricot neon.
Roadway light fixtures hung on a catenary system illuminate the rooftop of the parking lot.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead Architecture Grumbach and Associates Agency, Technical Consulting Idées Ingénieries Partenaires

Contracting owner: City of Poitiers

Completion: 2018

Photo credit: Concepto