Grenoble, C Tramwayline, France

Grenoble, C Tramwayline, France

The third tramwayline of the Grenoble network, with 26 stations and 13.5 km in length, integrates in the greater landscape on an East-West axis, circling along the periphery of Grenoble. The challenges of this integration have to do with increasing the view onto the ‘Grand boulevards’, which showcase a remarkable XIXth and XXth century urban architecture, as well as freeing up sidewalk areas for public and landscaping spaces.

The lighting design project for the public spaces around the streetcar line aims to give a nocturnal identity to the entire line, through the use of strong foundational principles:
– The use of a unique, 3000K correlated color temperature,
– Privileging lighting in ‘soft motion’ spaces,
– Locating lampposts opposite from the streetcar platform, to maximize the field of view.
– Showcasing ‘singular spaces’ along the path, using projectors on tall poles instead of lampposts
– Creating lighting sequences in order to give rhythm to the linearity
– Creating a ‘frugal’ range of light fixtures for street lighting, in order to provision in the budget, from the onset of the project, the use of fixtures dedicated to pedestrian space lighting.


Lighting design: Concepto
Project management: Lead Urbanism-Landscape Design ATTICA, Technical consulting EGIS & SETEC, Designer Sovann Kim
Contracting owner: Grenoble SMTC
Completion: 2003-2007

Photo credit: Concepto