Enlightment of the Wanda Hospital exteriors in Chengdu, China

Chengdu-Wanda Hospital, plan lumière hôpital

"Sense, graphism and emotion… "

The future Wanda hospital in Chengdu is designed with bricks masonry. It includes leisure spaces at its core with gardens on the ground, in courtyard and on the roofs.

The mass layout created by TER landscape design offices will provide to patients to move away from bustle of the city and to experiment a quiet and simple life.

Illuminations of theses inner and outdoor gardens are questioning human view and nature scale. Lights and colors are seen as much in time as the bodies movement in space.

Indeed the relationship between light, environment and users (hospital staff, patients, visitors) is playing a major function when you are approaching lighting design in a hospital. Lighting concept is therefore naturally made of multisensorial experiences creation connecting with nature during dark hours in order to suggest escape moments for the mind as well as for the body.

This universe made of emotions and lighting atmospheres will be triggered by various devices and with different intensities in symbiosis with architectural and landscape set-up of each place and their usage.
Several levels of lighting intervention were designed from the most accessible areas surrounding the hospital to places dedicated to children or other special gardens patients and staff.

These transitions will highlight punctual and subtle interventions with the creation of intimate, colored, comfortable and welcoming spaces. They will be in continuity with more dynamic, immersive and interactive venues where users can activate their own experience of the given night space.