Created in March 1988, CONCEPTO is a French lighting design studio which exercises its activities in France and abroad in several areas:

  • Light urbanism and Lighting Master Plans
  • Nightscape
  • Urban and architectural lighting
  • Natural lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Design of light furniture


CONCEPTO has managed from its creation to differentiate itself and to be characterized by theoretical input and continuous innovative reflections on the roles of light can play in the city, the landscape and the architecture.

The studio has initiated as early as 1987 the light urbanism and the first urban lighting planning strategies.

Since then, the notions of nocturnal landscape, ecology of light, social and sustainable light, black infrastructure, nocturnal biodiversity conservation which the studio is working since 2001 are specifically tested in competitions, projects and studies.

This environmental approach also allowed CONCEPTO to continue the development of its expertise for the optimization of natural light and for the use of its technical and artistic qualities in the architectural space.


Today, CONCEPTO is proud to have initiated or contributed to the development of many lighting technologies as the integration of the light component in multiple urban strategies.

The studio is recognized for its ability to study, treat, and realize projects of all sizes and all kinds ranging from the monumental scale to that of a public space of proximity. CONCEPTO develops the nighttime component of the urban or architectural project in a constant and rewarding dialogue with planners, landscape architects, architects and interior designers.


Composed of a multidisciplinary team of six people, CONCEPTO relies on the autonomy of each project manager who studies and leads each lighting project, from its initial design to technical detailed studies until its final delivery.

Computer visual renderings of the lighting design are made within the studio to control and to follow the technical design of the lighting project throughout its necessary evolution.

Analysis site, its context and its nocturnal environment, the study and understanding of the existing and proposed nocturnal uses and dynamics, are prerequisites to the development of the lighting design which will be discussed, questioned internally and then presented to the other contractors and clients.


Research, creativity, sense of dialogue, the pleasure of multidisciplinary teamwork, consultation with the inhabitants and users, has always been integral parts of our culture and our way of working on a daily basis.