1st tramway line in the Le Havre Agglomeration, Le Havre, France

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The Le Havre Agglomeration first tramway line connects the city center of Le Havre to the neighboring municipalities. The layout crosses spaces of various uses from the seacoast to the peripheral urban zones. It goes through complex urban fabrics marked with a particular relief. Light asserts this strong identity and all these characteristics in perfect dialogue with the proposed developments. It offers a key support of observation and discovery of the city at night to city-dwellers as well as to visitors.

To identify this tramway line, a single tone of light was used with lamps emitting a warm white light.



A range of elegant lighting furniture, of metal poles and stainless steel decorative elements, gives a picture of quality to the public space and also plays with the natural light of the Le Havre Agglomeration. It has thus become a symbol of the new tramway route
throughout the metropolitan area.
Pedestrian areas and soft modes have a dedicated lighting to create a friendly atmosphere.

The tramway stations are staged through the integration of blue luminous lines in the handrails, which signal them clearly in the urban landscape.

Lighting design :


Maîtrise d’œuvre

Engineering office : Systra.
Architects : Attica.
Landscape designer : Atelier J. Osty & Associés.


C.O.D.A.H. Communauté d’Agglomération Havraise


2008 / 2010

Realization :



13 kms

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