West façade of the Dexia Tower, Luxemburg

About This Project

The Dexia tower rises in an amazing site of old rolling mills and offers an elegantly curved façade with numerous scales modules to the sunset.


The lighting of the west side was designed like a moving fresco changing from warm white to intense red and spreading over the tortoiseshell-like modules that form, structure and single out the Dexia Tower.

The scarlet light fills the West façade at night and looks like projected across the building onto the front from the East façade, covered with red enameled sheet.

Shortly before dusk the illumination develops imperceptibly into a colorful scenario which seems to ripple from right to left, suddenly invading the façade to deform or cut it in a strange way.

The one hour lighting scenario was conceived with the help of a composer advisor as a four-movement musical composition, with its main theme called “Red Square”, its variations, its breaks and its rhythm breaks.


Without any sight the sources the up lighting of the hundred and twenty-seven tortoise shell modules builds an animated canvas with varied hues of great intensity, which redraws the vertical structuring lines and underlines the long horizontal shades covering the façade.

Lighting design



Claude Vasconi & Associés

Composer adviser

Marianne Entat

Electric engineering studio




Studies and construction works

2005 / 06

Project sheet

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Architectural lighting