Phoenix Theater, Valenciennes (France)

About This Project

The Phoenix Theater has been a symbol of rebirth since its construction in 1998. Indeed, in 1940 Valenciennes suffered a bombing fatal for the Theater which burnt at well as the city center.

Designed by architects Emmanuel Blamont and Lou Caroso, the Valenciennes theater appears in the city as a ship with futuristic lines, tied up by a huge black square. Choosing a crimson red color and the mining black make an unusual, almost defiant building in the urban landscape, though in line with the nature of the equipment and the image it conveys.

The Phoenix Theater with its curved shapes and its glowing envelope cannot be ignored.

The bias of the lighting design is to sublimate and exaggerate these initial curves. The organic forms of the theater suggest light effects inspired by a color gradation present in nature. The beams of light in shades of pink, orange and yellow overlap, merge and draw iridescent halos on the envelope of the building. Differences of light and of color saturation intensities thus create glossy effects that increase the rounded shape of the building.

To create a spectacular effect on the Phoenix lighting, light fixtures are located on the black platform that surrounds the building, thus hiding the light projectors and avoiding any visual discomfort.

Using DEL sources reduced energy consumption by four compared with previous lighting.

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