The lighting Master Plan of the old city of Jerusalem, Israel

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From the earliest times, the walled city of Jerusalem has been built, moved and developed according to the water supply possibilities. And its long and world famous history can still be read and understood looking at the handmade sculpted landscape surrounding the city.
This complicity between the holy city, the land and the topography gives the very particular character and charm of the current old city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli authorities in charge of the development of Jerusalem decided in 2010 to create a lighting master plan for the old city and its surroundings in order to promote cultural and touristic improvements at night time in this pilgrimage town.
The aim of the study was therefore to define what role the wall should play in the night shape and silhouette of the old city, to imagine the surrounding nightscapes, the nocturnal ambiances for the streets and the architectural lighting of the major landmarks located inside and outside the walled city.

The control of energy consumption and light pollution, as well as a sustainable approach were clearly some of the tactical and political challenges of this study which has developed lighting guidelines for the six teams of architects in charge of the renovation of the old city’s public spaces.



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Jerusalem Development Authority
Lighting Master Plan of the old city (40 000 inhabitants)




Jaffa Gate lighting : 2012

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