The interchange station, Poitiers (France)

About This Project

This very long interchange station, contiguous to the Poitiers railway station, includes a parking silo, composed of five levels and a terrace, built over a long distance bus station.

The illumination of the main south façade was designed to let show the lit interior spaces, the long domestic public ride, the urban windows through which it passes, and the frame colorful double revolution ramp that gives access to the five-story parking lot.


The parking lanes are lighted using linear lighting fixtures, fixed transversely to the building, according to a regular and symmetrical layout. The orthogonal frame stops to announce from afar the radiating lighting of the helical ramps.
These lightings, visible from the outside, are organized in a rigorous manner to create by transparency nice and aesthetic daytime and nighttime images of the building.

The covered escalator and the bearings which roam throughout the building are lighted with a warmer light which participates in the night staging of the building and pleasantly highlights the park users who use this route.
The urban windows, which punctuate the main façade on the boulevard and let see the escalator, are framed using a linear apricot colored neon tube.


The car park terrace is treated using a system of four lines of street luminaries suspended on cables stretched between three lines of poles, implemented in the trees axes.

Lighting design


Project Management

Antoine Grumbach et Associated, architects


City of Poitiers

Studies and realization

2006 / 2008

Length of the building

200 m

Project sheet

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Interior lighting