Façade of the national Museum of ceramic, Sèvres (France)

About This Project

Located in the Saint-Cloud Park, the national Museum of ceramic is part of the 23 buildings classified as historical monuments of the City of the ceramic in Sèvres. This vast building, built by the architect Landin in 1876, unveils its main façade along the River Seine and can be discovered from the docks, on foot, by car or from the tramway line.


The lighting of the main façade of the Museum was programmed by the city of Sèvres in the context of a public private partnership for the renovation of public lighting of the municipalities of Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres.

During weekends or exhibition openings and special events related to the activity of the Museum, the Grand façade comes alive today with a shimmer of different blue lights ranging from cyan to deep blue.

This full-color illumination was conceived in reference and tribute to the famous blues of Sèvres, characteristic of its ceramics. It just gently coats the sequenced façade where pediments, columns, and remarkable architectural details are highlighted and hemmed with a golden light recalling the gilding of the ceramic decorations.

On weekdays, this sparkling illumination quietens down to let the almost steady picture to contemplate.


This new façade lighting now plays an important signal role in the night scenery of the banks of the Seine and asserts its presence in distant views from the Sèvres Bridge as from the opposite shore.

Lighting design

In collaboration with BYES France


Grand Paris Seine Ouest and city of Sèvres

Study and construction works

2010 / 11

Length of the façade

120 m

Project sheet

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Architectural lighting