Sèvre River nightscape Niort, France

About This Project

The city of Niort, the gate to the famous Marais Poitevin, had turned away from its river where few people ventured out after dark. But this sumptuous plant and aquatic scenery, punctuated by a multitude of islands and peninsulas, had to be rediscovered by the city’s inhabitants. The authorities thus decided in 1988 the complete renovation of the river banks, the creation of a linear park along the Sèvre River and the design of an original nightscape for the site.


The specific identity of the site induced a lighting concept that magnifies the presence of water and enhances its marsh character.

The lighting was developed by creating a “luminous bank’, a truly fancy spine that runs through the entire site and consisting of three families of elements:

  • Luminous reeds that draw tapering vertical lines of light.
  • Luminous water lilies that form translucent green patches just under the surface of the water.
  • River stones that illuminate the flora overlooking the shore to form an arch of light.

The designed nightscape dealt with the banks and the vicinity of the Sèvre River as well as a Dungeon of the 16th century, a metallic market hall of 19th century, two stone bridges and many metal footbridges.


The friendly atmosphere created wiped the apprehension of the dark, encouraging citizens to take nighttime strolls.

Lighting design


Landscape architects: Jacques Segui et Pierre Carsenac de Torne.
Architects : Moreau, Salmas et Theil.


City of Niort


Etude : 1989/1992




600 m

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