Seafront, Sables d’Olonne, France

About This Project

The bay of Les Sables d’Olonne used to offer a long and generous beach to the tourists but a narrow public space. Architect Gérard Lancereau and landscape architect Jacqueline Osty have transformed this embankment promenade, originally dedicated to cars, into a wide pedestrian promenade of high quality.


The lighting along the seafront was designed to create a nocturnal identity when seen from any direction (land and sea). It produces a range of different, attractive ambiences and introduces lighting sequences that are suited to the planned uses, as well as lighting the beach below.


In order to free the panorama, the lighting project was naturally based on the creation of a high lighting mast in wood (14 m high) with a strong visual identity, referring to yacht masts, equipped with projectors to compose a harmonious but not uniform lighting.


The masts are piloted with different possibilities: beach non-illuminated in winter and in the heart of night, low luminous levels during certain times. The site is therefore energy-efficient while remaining very welcoming.


A range of ground recessed fixtures with an amber hue lighting, blue grazing lights and backlit benches is declined in urban lounges to animate the promenade.

Lighting design


Architect: Atelier Lancereau & Meyniel Landscape architect: Atelier J. Osty & Associés. Engineering studio: IRIS Conseil.


City of Sables d’Olonne


2006 / 2009


2009 / 2013


4 ha

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