Inner Rivers nightscape, Dujiangyan (China)

About This Project

The main challenge of the Inner Rivers nightscape design, for the city of Dujiangyan was to promote the revival of the city and the development of tourism after the tragic earthquake that destroyed its major part in 2008.
This project was also designed to reveal at night the beauty of the natural sites located along the Minjiang River and the Inner Rivers (a wonderful manmade construction now 2500 years old). It served to highlight the monumentality (5 km in length) and the morphology of this unique waterscape, classified as World heritage by UNESCO in 2000.



The lighting design was inspired by the Taoist atmosphere and symbolism which are still very present in the region of Dujiangyan. The harmonious relationship between man and Nature, the nocturnal integration of Taoist temples and pagodas in the natural environment guided the choice of lighting and gold and jade (symbolic materials of the Taoist immortality) were selected as unique project colors.

The world-famous opposition between light and darkness associated with the Taoist symbolism were also of great importance in the proposed Lighting Master Plan of the whole Rivers network.


Lighting design in France


Lighting design in China

Zhongtai Lighting Group


Zhongtai Lighting Group and City of Dujiangyan Dujiangyan (800 000 habitants)





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