Robert de Flers Street, Front de Seine district, Paris 15e, France

About This Project

This street, located under the district called “Front de Seine”, is a very atypical covered street leading to the recently renovated Beaugrenelle shopping mall. Further to the restructuring of the district, a part of this street was re-lighted in 2013.


The goal was to create day and night a true “internal” Street image by treating the entire space with a single tone of warm white light with a very good color rendering index.


The public lighting is achieved by two rows of dimmable suspended luminaires to reduce the levels of illuminance during the night.

The sidewalks are illuminated using diffuse lanterns of special construction, equipped with a perforated mask, which are installed right in front of building entrances and the access to the car parks are marked with suspended linear devices.

In addition a colorful and dynamic lighting, based on a chronobiological approach, was conceived for the very special concrete structure of the underside of the vaults, giving this underground place a livelier dimension.


The light on the vaults changes in intensity and color in a continuous and imperceptible manner during the day to adapt to human needs. In the morning, the street is lit in blue for its stimulating properties in the arousal phase and in the evening, it is lit in warm white to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


This covered Street, thanks to this variable lighting suitable for biological rhythms, is now a living place that fits the different stages of the day.

Lighting design


Engineering office



City of Paris


2012 / 2013



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