Rion Antirion Bridge Gulf of Corinth, Greece

About This Project

The night falls on the Gulf of Corinth. The bridge connecting the peninsula to the mainland turns gradually into a mere and thin golden thread, delicately woven through four towering bluish-coloured needles, a thread extending between two coastline fragments, a thread suspended between the sea and the heavens. The inky blackness of the water forms a dusky case, mirroring the towering icon. It links the star-filled sky to the dark sea.


It is in this spirit that the illumination of this monumental structure, the construction of which began in 1999, was studied to create a real nocturnal landscape matching this majestic site.


The metal deck lighting was intentionally designed as a thin golden thread that produces a superimposition of shadows bringing relief, texture and life to this very long tense line.


The four pylons each support 580 meters of deck and measure 110 meters in height. They are lit at a shallow angle from the bridge floor level, with an intense bluish light visible from a great distance. The piers and the sea are left in darkness to reflect the effects of the lighting.


Inaugurated during the passage of the Olympic flame for the Olympics of Athens in 2004, the illumination of the Rion Antirion Bridge now permeates the nocturnal landscape of the Gulf of Corinth.

The thin golden thread that joins the Peloponnesus peninsula to the mainland seems to be holding together the coastal fragments situated on a tectonic fault, which are moving inexorably apart by 8 mm per year.

Lighting design



Berdj Mikaelian

Electrical studies

Vinci Energies

Studies and realization

2002 / 2004


2 300 m

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Architectural lighting