The Rhônelle park, Valenciennes (France)

About This Project

The Rhônelle Park, the sole large-scale garden of the city center of Valenciennes, is imbricated in the urban grid and fenceless This leads to an intense frequenting of the park day and night


Concepto, the author of the new lighting master plan of the city, took care of the renovation of the street lighting of the park, helped by the diagnosis on the local biodiversity of “Noé Conservation” NGO.


In addition to a reasoned lighting project from dusk to one o’clock in the morning and to meet the criteria of the NGO, Concepto set up an interactive lighting. Zones listed as sensitive were equipped with lanterns capable of spreading independently a soft white warm light and/or simple markers in amber-colored leds.

When nobody is there, the lamp only marks out the paths with the amber color which has a bright spectrum less impacting for the flora and fauna. When a human presence is detected, this lamp emits for a few minutes an appropriate bright level in white light with a very good color rendering index creating a pleasant and reassuring night-atmosphere, long enough to cross the park.

In return, to induce frequenting the park, the entrances which are not located near the fragile zones were staged with bright projections of plant patterns, inspired by the local species. Targeting some particular entrances is a mean of keeping away the pedestrian from the photosensitive zones thus limiting light emission in the same zones.



Lighting design


Engineering studio: Bouygues E&S.
In collaboration with: Noé Conservation.


City of Valenciennes


Study: 2012




5 ha

Project sheet

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