“Paris Crown” lighting master plan, France

About This Project

The territory called “Paris Crown” covers a huge ring-shaped surface spreading from the boundaries of the historical centre to the limits of the city of Paris.

The aim of the lighting master plan was to define and to plan on the long run the public lighting, the landscape, the skylines and the night ambiances of the various social districts that make up the “crown of Paris”. The purpose of the study was also to coordinate the lighting propositions of forty urban planners, architects and landscape architects teams who were working on this huge territory and were designing the Paris of tomorrow.


Paris is known above all for the river Seine and its banks, the bridges and the large number of historical monuments all located inside the historical center. The study was on the contrary specially focused on all the social districts that surround this famous historical center. On this complex ring-shaped territory, two types of urban models are in dialogue: the so-called extraordinary and ordinary cities. These two reading scales gave birth to two kinds of lighting proposals with symbolic or monumental lights and proximity lights.

Some very innovative answers and propositions were brought by the “Paris Crown” lighting master plan that can be seen as examples and guidelines for all the wealthy urban centres that are already very well illuminated.




Lighting design



City of (2 200 000 habitants)




North-Eastern tramway line lighting : 2012

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