The barracks of the Bonne neighborhood Park Grenoble, France

About This Project

This large public park, landscaped during the creation of an eco-district in Grenoble, consists of three linked spaces: the existing “Hoche” garden, expanded to open onto the barracks, the former courtyard of the barracks converted into a public esplanade and the new “Vallons” garden bordering the created commercial Mall.
Naturally, various and attractive nocturnal atmospheres were designed in each of the three landscape sequences in accordance with the projected night uses.


The accesses to the site, the continuities of the Park through the street axis, the passages under existing buildings and the different squares are now signaled with small luminous blue rectangles, randomly embedded in the ground.

The iconic axis which crosses the site proposes also three light sequences: a punctuation of luminous beacons fixed on wooden poles self-powered by photovoltaic panels, a markup on the ground to assert the masterful character of the main courtyard and large translucent luminous columns that structure the “Vallons” garden.

Night sceneries were drawn to emphasize the theme of the mountainous landscape in the Park and enhance its night image from the bordering buildings. The main paths connected to the urban grid are lit using a system of pairs of steerable projectors mounted on masts.


The lighting principles applied here allowed an excellent control of the luminous pollution, the flexibility and possible evolutions needed for this constantly changing site.

Lighting design


Landscape architects : Jacqueline Osty & Associates
Engineering studio : ICC




2006 - 2009


2010 - 2012


3,3 ha

Project sheet

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