Pacific Tower’s square, Puteaux La Défense, France

About This Project

The lighting of the Pacific Tower’s square offers an elegant light treatment, very qualitative and integrated into the site renovation:

It clearly indicates at night the two boxes in glass that give access to the Tower and emphasizes their shapes and structures.

It creates a strong visual link between the two entries and secures the different pedestrian paths (ramps, stairs, and central esplanade) with a pleasant and comfortable light that marks a clear break of atmosphere with the adjacent public space.

It values with subtlety the carpets of the newly created planters.



The lighting design is based on the geometric and modular identity of the mineral Tower environment: from the windows to the tiles of the square, the square shape and the orthonormal grid dress up vertical as horizontal surfaces.

Light, in the elemental form of two segments of 1 meter (such as the slabs) and 50 cm (as the borders) comes to colonize the different levels.

This highlighting is designed to avoid the glare and the brightness of the light sources, incorporating them in the borders, the guardrails, and the ground. It creates a very strong gesture in each glass box to structure the square at nightfall around these two new architectural elements.


Lighting Design


KFP et SRA architects


Tishman Speyer Pacific SI





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