Old bridge Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France

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The old bridge that step over the Vezère River in Terrasson-Lavilledieu is located in the heart of an exceptional landscape setting: at the foot of a cliff and its fortifications, bordering a forest and the city center. Passers-by and tourists are wandering at night along the banks or are using the river’s shuttle.

The illumination of the old bridge has been designed to be part of the existing city’s night composition which declines shades of white, yellow and orange colors.
A very narrow linear Leds lighting, almost invisible during daytime, has been installed under the rim of the stone parapet to create a continuous effect of light on the bridge’s face. The tones of light were chosen between amber and neutral white 4000K, all with an excellent color rendering in order to bring out the nuances of the stone.


The bridge side’s lighting reveals by contrast the varied form of the arches (which makes all the historical interest of the bridge; each arch having been built at a different period from 12th to 14th centuries) and reflects them in the water surface. The underside of the arches and the cutwater remain in the dark in order to enhance the different levels of the structure.
The bridge’s structure being very simple and without any ashlars, the bridge’s material is stimulated by a set of oriented light beams. In addition this oblique lighting underlines the reliefs of the stones.
The crossed and inclined light beams create a luminous frame on the face of the bridge which vibration is noticeable in a distant view and the resulting drawing clearly legible from the nearest observation points.



Lighting design


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Architect studio : Cabinet Ponsot A.C.M.H Engineering office : BETEM Construction works : DARLAVOIX


Terrasson-Lavilledieu City





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