Old river port Mont de Marsan, France

About This Project

The renovation of this vast space, visible from the confluence of the Midou and Douze Rivers, from the bridges and from the wharfs on left and right banks, benefited from a lighting that gave it a new overall night identity.

Nighttime issues were to qualify the different locations that compose the site by strong images, clearly identifiable in the perspectives, to visually connect the site to the squares and surrounding neighborhoods and make it appropriable at night for the wanderings as for perennial and festive uses.


Visible night markings and pleasant or surprising luminous ambiances that respond to the different redeveloped areas encourage today nocturnal family or isolated practices, uses of leisure, relaxation and various adaptations by the public according to the concerned age groups and moments of the evening or the year.

Natural shorelines and fish ponds were voluntarily left in the dark. A waterproof lighting created along the left bank nevertheless allows for temporary or event nocturnal uses.

Two sceneries create night events along the banks: the drinking trough is underlined by a set of bluish interior lighting and the new bleachers that face the river are occasionally animated by white luminous lines, arranged randomly.


Lighting design :


in collaboration with

Architects : Cabinet Lancereau & Meyniel
Landscape design : Agence Exit
Engineering studio : Iris Conseil


City of Mont de Marsan


2010 - 2012


1st part 2012
2nd part 2014

Surface area

7.5 Ha

Project sheet

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Nightscape, Urban lighting