Millénaire Business Park, Paris 19ème, France

About This Project

Located North of Paris, beyond the ring and on the edge of the Entrepôt basin adjacent to the Saint-Denis canal, this part of city was the subject in the 2000s of a re-qualification and a development within the framework of a sustainable development approach.

With new urban principles that promote soft modes of transports, the landscape Charter of the landscape architect Michel Desvigne granted a strategic place to water and valued a green densification.

The new Millénaire district offers today a unique environment in urban areas.

The lighting of the Millénaire Park was designed to highlight the green grid that encompasses all of the site, the landscape of the Entrepôt basin and the created water pieces and offers an attractive night image of the façades of newly installed office buildings.

All pedestrian paths and planted squares are illuminated using luminous columns equipped with foliage drawing masks.

The water pieces along the transversal streets are voluntarily left in semi-darkness to reveal the luminous lines that emphasize at night the basins and the water effects created.

The brick façades of the office buildings are up-lighted with projectors fixed underground, in the foot of the façades which give the illusion of a light mist.

Lighting design


In collaboration with

Landscape architect : Michel Desvigne

Engineering studio : Egis Aménagement







Park Surface

2 ha

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