Memorial ACTe, Caribbean center of expressions and memory of trafficking and slavery Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe (France)

About This Project

The monumental impact of Memorial ACTe, its privileged position in the heart of the Bay of Pointe-à-Pitre, have been magnified at night through a sensitive and amazing lighting, able to decorate the building with a whole range of colorful shades.

The exterior up lighting of the Museum envelope, consisting of a metallic mesh in relief, model a monumental magic lantern that illuminates the site and registers it in the maritime nightscape. The obscure mineral façades in the background of the Museum give depth to the created staging.

Dimmable spotlights with tri-chromic LEDs, controlled by a computer system, have been fixed very discretely in the bottom of the envelope and spaced on a particular irregular rhythm.
From different ‘ light partitions’, the façade now animates at will to create waves of light with varying intensities and colors and a shifting composition of inclined colored light beams. This luminous mural may later evolve according to events and activities programmed on the site.

The long pedestrian bridge of access to the building is highlighted by a dimmable light colored line that generates a light wave which directs and leads visitors to the heart of the Museum on to the lookout created near the beachfront.

The grand courtyard in which the building appears is redrawn overnight by a lighting integrated into the ground. Suspended luminaires are fastened to the supporting structure of the metal mesh that connects the two buildings.
Pedestrian lightings grow all around the site while preserving the main axes of nocturnal perception and the sea vision.


Lighting design


Maîtrise d’œuvre

Architects Atelier D’architecture B.M.C.
Architecte studio and Doré /Marton
Engineering: mesh and structure enginee Marc Mimram Ingénierie
Landscape architects Détails Paysage
Engineering offices BETCI groupe Encelade, F.I. Ingénierie.


Région Guadeloupe


Étude : 2011




Project sheet

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Architectural lighting