Martin Luther King Park, Clichy-Batignolles eco-district, Paris 17e, France

About This Project

The transformation of the railway wasteland located in the Clichy-Batignolles eco-district was originally decided to accommodate the Olympic village, when Paris was still City candidate for 2012.

The lighting of the Martin Luther King Park was therefore designed to visually confine the temporary limits of the site adjacent to a large railway complex, to create diversified and attractive nocturnal ambiances and to liven up the night time image of the Park visible from the bordering buildings.


In accordance with the lighting master plan of the Parisian Crown, the inner railway loop, that deploys a wide curve on the bank of the North basin of the park, was highlighted using blue luminous beacons attached on the top of wooden poles of six meters in height, alimented with autonomous photovoltaic pannels.

The large diagonal axis which crosses and serves the entire Park is lighted using a system of adjustable spotlights fixed on large metal poles, in the form of a metal beam, typical of those used to light the tracks which were originally present on the railway site.

The lighting of the Park was addressed with a constant concern for sustainable development and high environmental quality, thanks to a progressive extinction of the lightings, with respect for animal and plant species living there and with the desire not to increase light pollution in Paris.

Lighting design


Architect: F. Grether
Landscape architect: Atelier J. Osty & Associés
Engineering studio: OGI


City of Paris


2007 -2014


11,2 ha

Project sheet

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