Lighting Master Plan of the city of Xindu, Sichuan, China

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Located in the Northern suburb of Chengdu and the capital city of  Sichuan, the city of Xindu was built and grew on a perpendicular network of streets, oriented North/South and East/West. The Gui Hu lake and park are linked to the living city by the Nan Men River winding among the residential areas.

The dynamism and the energy of this modern city development can be seen today in the flowing main streets whereas the peaceful Nan Men River and its natural environment tell us about the slowness and the welcoming qualities of the past times in Xindu.

The Lighting Master Plan of Xindu enhances and reveals this symbolic Chinese duality between the historical city that used to be and the modern city undergoing a lot of new developments, between velocity and slowness, energetic street network and friendly resident environments.

The study has also propose for Xindu an original nocturnal identity and silhouette, based on flux, fragrances and biological lines and graphics.


The lighting design will therefore create new nocturnal links, new visual relationships between the buildings, the landscape, the public spaces and the city environment. Specific nocturnal pedestrian links between the residential areas and the municipal facilities (schools, cultural and sports centers), between the residential polarities and the city center commercial streets will be progressively developed.

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Mao Cheng, Zhongtai Lighting Group


City of Xindu (1 000 000 inhabitants)



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