Seguin eco-district, Lighting Master Plan, Boulogne-Billancourt (France)

About This Project

Our mission was part of the realization of a very large-scale eco-district project. We first made a Lighting Master Plan on the whole site (170 ha) and then Lighting Master Plans on the different districts with their architectural, structural and social specificities.
The site being located on the old Renault factories, our study was also oriented toward the historical character and the respect for the industrial memory of these places.


Since the completion of the Lighting Master Plans, we have been following the client (SAEM) as part of an assistance project management mission to monitor the implementation of the lightings at each stage of the construction of the eco-district.

The particularity of this mission is the multiplicity of stakeholders across all groups of project management of public spaces, private buildings and promoters, as well as the complexity of the scales of intervention: public and private spaces, blocks, buildings, bridges, public and private gardens.




SAEM Val de Seine


2008 - work in progress


170 ha

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